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Rebuilding A Team Hitting Philosophy

Hanwha Eagles from 2019 – 2020

Using uHIT to make better swing decisions. Differentiate strengths & weaknesses. Target development areas.

 February 26, 2021

Team Hitting Development | Player Development

The Hanwha Eagles: A member of the KBO League

Hanwha began using uHIT in 2020 with a goal of revamping a hitting philosophy that would help score more runs in the upcoming 2020 season and build upon a pitch recognition foundation each season.
For their team hitting philosophy they wanted to break down how teams improve their run scoring total by focusing on both batted ball criteria and plate discipline criteria . A focus was put on increasing the team contact rate and quality of contact rate (Barrel Rate), as well as team strikeout (k%) and walk (BB%) rates.
How does a team go about improving batted ball criteria and plate discipline criteria?
– Pitch Recognition

Team Contact Rate

In order for uHIT Technology to be effective, you need usage, the more pitches a player sees on uHIT the more success they have.
Success in this instance is measured by contact rate.
The more uHIT pitches seen (pitches seen on the app) the more in game contact individual players have made.
The Hanwha players that saw the most uHIT pitches not only increased their contact rate during the 2020 season, they continued to get better at making contact as their uHIT pitch base increased throughout the 2020 season.
The Hanwha players that were not in the group that built a uHIT pitch base above 400 pitches seen, saw a decreasing contact rate from 2019-2020.

Barrel Rate

One of the Hanwha Eagles specific goals throughout the 2020 season was to increase their amount of extra-base hits.
Building upon their increase in contact rate and focusing further onto quality of contact or Barrel Rate.
Similarly to contact rate, the number of uHIT pitches seen also correlated directly to an increase in Barrel Rate. The players that saw the most uHIT pitches, had the biggest increase in Barrel Rate from 2019 to 2020.
This was a statistic that took longer for players to achieve as they were building up their base of uHIT pitches. However, it was easily seen while comparing players from the 1st half to the 2nd half of the 2020 season.
Barrel Rate is the best barometer out there for connecting pitch recognition ability to swing mechanics as it requires both to provide an outcome that factors into a players barrel rate.

Graph Explained

Barrel Rate takes contact rate a step further into a specific criteria for a quality of contact batted ball, so the change isn’t seen as clearly in graphs as it is on the field.
(A combination of exit velocity and launch angle that has led to a minimum Batting Average of .500 and minimum SLG% of 1.500 over the past 5 seasons)
Graph shows Barrels/Batted Ball Event

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uHIT Customized Training

Case Study: Player #1

uHIT Customized Training is a program based off of your own baseline assessments.  Targeting player development areas for recognizing pitch types, areas of the strike zone and improving reaction times.
Player 1 for Hanwha saw over 2000 pitches of uHIT’s Customized Training with A.I., which led to these results.
  • Contact Rate increase of 7% (team high)
  • Barrel Rate increase of 5% (team high)
  • Walk Rate increase from 5.7% in 2019 (without uHIT Customized Training) to 8.5% in 2020 (with uHIT).
  • Strikeout Rate decrease from 35% in 2019 (without uHIT Customized Training) to 30% in 2020 (with uHIT).
In this instance the uHIT Customized Training program proved to be a well rounded hitting player development strategy. Both contact and quality of contact rates (barrel rate) improved from 2019 to 2020, as well as plate discipline metrics; increasing a walk rate (BB%) while decreasing a strikeout rate (k%). The numbers were even more encouraging from the first half of the 2020 season to the second half. Showing a positive trend heading into the 2021 season for further pitch recognition development and corresponding on-field results.

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uHIT Game Day Prep

Case Study: Player #2

uHIT Gameday Prep is a tool available to players that allows them to see opposing pitchers pitch repoitoires to exact pitch f/x and velocity specifications before the game. Working as an alternative preparation tool to batting practice. (Per a KBO rule, Gameday Prep was only available to Hanwha players during HOME GAMES ONLY). The idea of Gameday Prep is to maximize swing efficiency and the number of hard hit batted balls (95+) per swing. In this case study, the most significant difference was in their batting average in home games compared to road games.
Player 2 for Hanwha saw over 1600 pitches of uHIT’s Gameday Prep.
  • Home Batting AVG. .286 | Road Batting AVG. .197
  • Home Strikeouts – 15 | Road Strikeouts – 19
  • Increased contact rate from 1st to 2nd half of the 2020 season.
  • Increased barrel rate from 1st to 2nd half of the 2020 season.

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