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About uhit

deCervo® offers a range of sophisticated cutting edge software, hardware and consulting services that assess and improve decision-related cognition for athletes. We leverage years of our peer-reviewed neuroscience work to make a practical solution for baseball professionals - The uHIT Platform.


uHIT simulates and improves at-plate decisions
on your mobile device and other gaming platforms.
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uHIT Virtual

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About uHit Virtual

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Train your decision on the
  • The more our players used uHIT the better they were on the field.
    MLB team quantative anaylyst
  • uhit is a great pitch recognition training product
    coach rob cooper
    head coach - penn state university
  • I can identify and address a hitter's weakness easier with uHIT.
    Rick Stricklen
    Owner, Professional Scout, Developer of Swing Rehab Program at Sandlot Elite

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uHIT: Pitch Recognition Training. Hitting Performance. iPhone and Android. Virtual Reality.

uHIT Challenges: How to Train Pitch Recognition & Reaction Time (Part 1/2)

3 Easy Steps to Boost Your Hitting


Strike Recognition will measure your Reaction Time with millisecond precision on every pitch you call a strike. Pitch Recognition will do the same for pitches you sit on. Both games will tell you how fast you are chasing pitches or how slow you are when you're late. Your Accuracy will measure how good your recognition is.

Step 2: ASSESS

See what your average Reaction Time and Accuracy are. See how much work you've put in this week or this month. See what zones you need work on. Rank yourself against the competition and see what potential you can reach.

Step 3: TRAIN

Use Reaction Time or Hitter's Eye Zone Enhancements to beat your competition. Reaction Time Enhancement will use the science of occlusion to train faster decisions. Hitter's Eye Zone Enhancement allows you to target those parts of the strike zone most problematic. Together, these uHIT Training Modules will make you faster and more accurate at the plate.

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Player Package

For Individuals


  • Simulate Pitch Recognition
  • instant Speed & accuracy feedback
  • Benchmark to the Competition
  • Speed & Accuracy Training
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Team Package

Player Package for All Players


  • Cloud-based analytics
  • Simulated Pitch Recognition
  • Instant SPEED & Accuracy FEEDBACK
  • BENCHMARK To Your Team
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Custom Package

Team package services


  • Team Package Features
  • Customize to Opponent Pitchers
  • Full Client Services & and Analytics
  • Benchmark to Your Competition
  • Full Cloud Analytics
  • Progressive Coaching
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Track, train, and improve your brain's decisions.

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