deCervo In The News

“No one likes bad calls on the ice. That’s what uCALL is about.”
with Mike Kelly | January 17, 2023
“[Though] deCervo and its approach to decision making can help soldiers, the fact so far is really we haven’t. And that’s a shame.”
with Matthew Santaspirts | December 7, 2022
“It’s why I think batting practice in baseball is the biggest waste.”
with Matthew Santaspirts | September 1, 2022
“A deCervo video course for police officers incorporates real bodycam footage and provides feedback on the speed and aptness of users’ actions.”
by PAUL HOND | April 12, 2022
“They were able to figure out differences even within Columbia [University]’s own lineup of hitters about when those decisions were being made to swing at a given pitch.”
with MAIKEN SCOTT | February 18, 2022
“deCervo partnered with the NYPD and it is now marketing its services to other police forces”
by AMIT KATWALA | June 4, 2021
“[deCervo’s] e-TRAIN measures what it’s like to be in that moment and then measure the reactions officers have”
with BRUCE DUMONT | April 18, 2021
“deCervo, a company that specializes in high speed decision making [has] created an app players can use to help improve the brain bat connection.”
with JOSH CASCIO | October 23, 2020
“Trainers are now able to peer not only at the performance of an athlete but rather into their brains.”
with CATERINA GENNARO | October 17, 2020
“[deCervo:] We’re finding that major league organizations are not providing the player development tools that players want or need”
by JOE LEMIRE | August 7, 2019
“[deCervo’s] uHIT remains in regular use, mostly by minor leaguers wanting to develop their pitch recognition skills but also by a few big leaguers who want to stay sharp.”
by JOE LEMIRE | July 23, 2019
““I know (deCervo) likes to call it brain training. I guess it is. We just call it officiating training,” said Stephen Walkom, the NHL’s director of officials. “
by DAVE FESCHUK | August 19, 2018
“Have a dozen Major League Baseball teams currently work with deCervo and nearly all have expressed some interest in a relationship down the road.”
by ZACH SCHONBRUN | June 9, 2018
“deCervo could produce graphs that pinpointed when the batter decided to swing”
by ZACH SCHONBRUN | April 13, 2018
“deCervo, which has already worked with seven major league organizations”
by DAVID SCHOENFIELD | March 15, 2016
“deCervo, a company that specializes in high-speed decision-making”
by SCOTT SIMON | September 3, 2016
“[M]any players, he says, have asked to download the deCervo app on their phones”
by DAVID KOHN | August 29, 2016
“deCervo explores the neuroscience involved in athletics, like when to swing a baseball bat.”
by HARI SREENIVASAN | December 18, 2015
“Can two entrepreneurs turn neuroscience into Moneyball?”
by ZACH SCHONBRUN | July 15, 2015
“deCervo, whose founder has worked with the military to hone soldiers’ responses to auditory stimuli, uses electrodes to take EEGs in real time”
by STEPHANIE APSTEIN | April 21, 2015
“Red Sox neuroscouting aims to find prospects’ potential”
by ALEX SPEIER | February 18, 2015
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