Press on deCervo

Press on deCervo has come from popular, sports and technological spheres. For instance, the New York Times, ESPN and Wired Magazine have all covered deCervo’s products.

Press with NHL Network on deCervo's training of the new NHL referees and linesmen via the East Coast Hockey League
“No one likes bad calls on the ice. That’s what uCALL is about.”
with Mike Kelly | January 17, 2023
Press via Interview with Jason Sherwin with the US Army Podcast on deCervo's science in baseball and how it applies in military contexts
“[Though] deCervo and its approach to decision making can help soldiers, the fact so far is really we haven’t. And that’s a shame.”
with Matthew Santaspirts | December 7, 2022
Press from the US Army Podcast on deCervo's science in baseball and how it applies in military contexts
“It’s why I think batting practice in baseball is the biggest waste.”
with Matthew Santaspirts | September 1, 2022
Columbia University Magazine on deCervo's uHIT and early police training work
“A deCervo video course for police officers incorporates real bodycam footage and provides feedback on the speed and aptness of users’ actions.”
by PAUL HOND | April 12, 2022
Science press on deCervo's uHIT in an interview with sports and economics author, Zach Schonrbun
“They were able to figure out differences even within Columbia [University]’s own lineup of hitters about when those decisions were being made to swing at a given pitch.”
with MAIKEN SCOTT | February 18, 2022
Press in the technical world on deCervo's e-TRAIN for police and law enforcement training
“deCervo partnered with the NYPD and it is now marketing its services to other police forces”
by AMIT KATWALA | June 4, 2021

This was the first technological press on deCervo for its police training product, e-TRAIN.

Radio interview on deCervo's e-TRAIN product for police and law enforcement training
“[deCervo’s] e-TRAIN measures what it’s like to be in that moment and then measure the reactions officers have”
with BRUCE DUMONT | April 18, 2021

This was the political technological press on deCervo for its police training product, e-TRAIN.

“deCervo, a company that specializes in high speed decision making [has] created an app players can use to help improve the brain bat connection.”
with JOSH CASCIO | October 23, 2020
“Trainers are now able to peer not only at the performance of an athlete but rather into their brains.”
with CATERINA GENNARO | October 17, 2020
Sports Business Journal on deCervo's uHIT and early MLB org work
“[deCervo:] We’re finding that major league organizations are not providing the player development tools that players want or need”
by JOE LEMIRE | August 7, 2019
Press in Sports Business Journal on deCervo's uHIT and early MLB org work
“[deCervo’s] uHIT remains in regular use, mostly by minor leaguers wanting to develop their pitch recognition skills but also by a few big leaguers who want to stay sharp.”
by JOE LEMIRE | July 23, 2019
deCervo's uCALL for Officials and its role for National Hockey League
““I know (deCervo) likes to call it brain training. I guess it is. We just call it officiating training,” said Stephen Walkom, the NHL’s director of officials. “
by DAVE FESCHUK | August 19, 2018
Tech World perspectives on deCervo's uHIT
“[Bringing] brain scanning out of the laboratory and into the locker room.”
by ZACH SCHONBRUN | June 9, 2018
Press in New York Times on deCervo's uHIT and first chapter of the book, The Performance Cortex
“deCervo could produce graphs that pinpointed when the batter decided to swing”
by ZACH SCHONBRUN | April 13, 2018
Press in ESPN again on deCervo's uHIT and early findings from uHIT Assessment
“deCervo, which has already worked with seven major league organizations”
by DAVID SCHOENFIELD | March 15, 2016
Radio interview of Jason Sherwin with NPR's Scott Simon on deCervo's uHIT
“deCervo, a company that specializes in high-speed decision-making”
by SCOTT SIMON | September 3, 2016
Press from the Washington Post on deCervo's uHIT
“[M]any players, he says, have asked to download the deCervo app on their phones”
by DAVID KOHN | August 29, 2016
Press from PBS SciTech Now on the brain science behind deCervo's uHIT products
“deCervo explores the neuroscience involved in athletics, like when to swing a baseball bat.”
by HARI SREENIVASAN | December 18, 2015

This was the first extended TV press on deCervo. Early in its development, we did not even call our product “uHIT Baseball” yet.

SB Nation article that led to the book, The Performance Cortex
“Can two entrepreneurs turn neuroscience into Moneyball?”
by ZACH SCHONBRUN | July 15, 2015

This was for the first long-form press on deCervo. Within 6 months of this article, Dutton Books offered to expand the story into what became The Performance Cortex.

Press from Discovery Channel Covers Brain Science Behind uHIT Assessment
“[deCervo] is tapping into the batter’s brain to find out how good they are at making decisions before they swing.”

The first demo of the uHIT Assessment when direct brain measurement was needed too.

Press from Sports Illustrated on deCervo's role in sports vision
“deCervo, whose founder has worked with the military to hone soldiers’ responses to auditory stimuli, uses electrodes to take EEGs in real time”
by STEPHANIE APSTEIN | April 21, 2015
Press from Boston Globe on the science of neuroscouting and deCervo's work there
“Red Sox neuroscouting aims to find prospects’ potential”
by ALEX SPEIER | February 18, 2015

This was the first sports press on deCervo about what became uHIT Baseball. Within one week of this article, the Los Angeles Dodgers became our first MLB client.

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