How To Connect Hands and Eyes

Interview with MLB Slugger Rob Deer

Bat Geer and uHIT

 June 1, 2022

“Do As I Say. Not As I Did”

Rob Deer on How He Teaches Hitting

9-Part Mini-Series with Rob Deer and uHIT

In January 2022, the founders of Bat Geer and uHIT met at the ABCA Convention in Chicago and realized how their products met complementary aspects of helping hitters. This mini-series on YouTube lets you explore ways hitting instructors can help their hitters improve connection with their bat (called “kinesthetic awareness” of the bat) and how they can combine that with the visual training of uHIT.

Rob Deer is the founder of Bat Geer (click here to learn more), a device that fits on the handle of your bat to aid the development of kinesthetic awareness for the hands. Below, you can browse each part of the series to see which part of the discussion best fits your hitting instruction needs (for coaches) or your own hitting challenges (for players):

Part I

“Do as I say, not as I did” is how Rob Deer sums up his approach to hitting instruction. This segment gives a brief overview of how uHIT is for vision and Bat Geer is for kinesthetic awareness in the hands.

Part II

Rob tells us what the Bat Geer device is and how it attaches to your bat. He illustrates how it helps your swing by showing what great hitters’ swings look like, and how Bat Geer assists that.

Part III

How did riding motorcycles with Robin Yount change the way Rob taught hitting? This segment tells the story about how a device made for feeling the road better through handle bars of a bike led Rob to making a similar device for hitters to learn teaching kinesthetic awareness.

Part IV

Jason, the CEO of deCervo and uHIT, talks with Rob about how uHIT’s Custom Training for vision integrates with Bat Geer’s device for swing training. The main takeaway of this segment is that both tools teach hitters how to anticipate and execute better than before, without thinking about it.

Part V

As an MLB slugger, Rob Deer was one of the leaders of The Three True Outcomes (HR, BB, and K). Read this to learn more and watch this segment for Rob’s tips on teaching proper anticipation as an instructor.

Part VI

Following Rob’s tips on anticipation, Jason talks about how uHIT is like “tracking pitches,” but with an active component. In this segment, he also describes how OBP and SLG are the primary ways deCervo and its customers track uHIT’s impact to their hitting.

Part VII

Rob talks about the approach of anticipating fastball first and comments on the introduction of cognitive supplements.


Jason speculates about new modules being added to uHIT to improve pitch decisions in different counts and game situations.

Part XI

Rob tells us some stories from his playing days and makes one closing point about where the Bat Geer device helps take the swing out of badly hit balls.

Watch Our How-To Series

This 9-part series of 3-min to 8-min videos lets you explore ways to teach kinesthetic awareness together with visual training. Learn about it from MLB Slugger Rob Deer, who is now a hitting instructor and founder of Bat Geer.

Founders of Bat Geer and uHIT get together in this series to discuss ways that teaching use of the hands and eyes can sometimes be difficult in hitting, without the right tools. Learn from the conversation how their tools integrate neatly to train these complementary aspects of making great hitters. Along the way, MLB slugger Rob Deer illustrates lessons from his experiences as a player and now as a hitting instructor based in Scottsdale, AZ.