At-Home Hitting

uHIT interviewed three coaches about at-home training.

 March 28, 2020


  • Every form of training you do has to have an impact on your on field performance.  This is directly from Fresno State Softball assistant coach Matt Lisle:

We were able to see an on-field impact with uHIT.”

  • He went on to say, “our team leaders in multiple offensive categories had a correlating uHIT score.”  uHIT scores are cumulative metrics that correlate with several plate discipline and batted ball outcomes including: increased walk rates, decreased strikeout rates, and increased contact rates.  See your very own uHIT scores today by starting here.
  • Softball tech products are being used by coaches and development programs more and more.  They help target individual needs and provide basis for optimal development.  uHIT is one of those programs that gives insight that is very valuable to coaches and can be provided to you as a player remotely. This gives you a resource to train pitch and strike recognition right from your home and begin incorporating that skill into your swing. You can view more info about swing integration with the uHIT Virtual Game Remote here:


  • Not only have players and coaches seen on-field results with vision training programs like uHIT.  Coaches and facilities have also found it beneficial for creating a competitive culture in their program.

“We posted uHIT rankings and made it competitive for our players at Fresno State, competition enhances development”

– Matt Lisle, Fresno State Softball

  • Competition not only enhances development but also helps your players stay connected during this time.  You can view uHIT options for your team to have coaches leaderboard and call us directly at 833-DECERVO, or just click below to learn more:
  • Matt Lisle spoke about the transition from facing high school to college level pitching and how the importance of the at-bat quality increases.  “You can’t just swing, swing, swing in practice and simply hope that swing translates to the college game.” Instead, Matt Lisle says,

“You have to give players simulated at-bats in practice.”

  • Fresno State softball was swinging at fewer pitches out of the zone and swinging at more pitches where they could make quality contact in the zone before the 2020 season was brought to halt.  Now may be the best time to introduce pitch recognition technology to your players; not only will it keep them engaged with the game, it will keep them together as teammates and potentially have a huge impact on the quality of at-bats your team has when everyone gets back on the field.
  • uHIT products are designed for the athlete and coaching staff.  As with all technologies, improvements are consistently being made to provide a better product.  Matt Lisle went on to say this about the uHIT service:

“The people at uHIT are very receptive to feedback, and are supportive and adaptive to every program.”

  • Matt Lisle went on to say the uHIT team “has made team buy-in of the product a lot easier.” Interested in all areas of baseball and softball tech?  uHIT specializes in the vision aspect of the hitting process, meaning that it combines well with other technologies such as V-flex, Blast, HitTrax, K-Vest and others to create a complete targeted hitting evaluation and training program.  Most other tech companies are offering at-home training programs at this time as well and you can check them out from links in this article.

“I’m sold on how important it is for our team to use uHIT”