At-Home Training

uHIT interviewed three coaches about at-home training.

 April 15, 2020


  • Coaches and facilities are working like never before to help you continue your baseball training while at home.  Training that will go beyond passing the time during the suspended or cancelled seasons of 2020.  Players at the Rick Strickland’s Sandlot Elite Baseball have coaches available to them every morning via virtual training lessons.  A lot of the training being done at this time is connected to the baseball tech industry and their development programs.  The same programs are used by some of the best youth and college programs, as well as pro organizations now.

The development technology out there today allows coaches to provide guys with info, and let them decide what to do with it.” 

  • Coach Strickland went on to say, “it’s the players’ choice on whether they want to strengthen their strengths or improve upon their weaknesses.”  And Strickland is using uHIT with players who are using this time to improve upon their weaknesses in hitting vision. You can learn more about the options Strickland uses with his players here:
  • With the uHIT program, hitting vision scores are cumulative metrics that correlate with many plate discipline and batted ball outcomes. As they use uHIT to improve those metrics, hitters see these outcomes via increased walk rates, decreased strikeout rates, and increased contact rates.  In uHIT, your training is customized to what you want to become as a player.

Ever noticed how most baseball training is focused on physical mechanics and your swing, but not vision?” 

  • That’s because in the past it was extremely difficult to replicate game-like pitches in a practice setting.  Today vision training programs from GameSense and uHIT give you the ability to see as many quality pitches as you can handle.  uHIT allows you to go one step further because it gives valuable insight to coaches and can be provided to you as a player remotely. This gives you a resource to train pitch and strike recognition right from your home, while integrating that skill into your swing. You can learn more about how uHIT provides simulated at-bats with the uHIT Virtual Game Remote here:


  • Visual training is beginning to make an impact on individual and team hitting at both the amateur and professional levels. It takes a lot of data to validate visual perception and what it correlates to. Coach Strickland says about using uHIT’s data for visual training,

“Development programs like uHIT are exciting to be a part of.”

  • Strickland goes on to say about uHIT that “it’s a program that is including the amateur side of baseball for data collection.  It’s scientifically proven for decision making, coaches now get to see what that correlates to in the batters box

“Any training facility can be a part of exploring this area of hitting.”

  • Just like Sandlot Elite Baseball, you can begin exploring visual perception with players in your facility remotely and be a part of the next baseball frontier.  You can view uHIT options for your facility to have leaderboards and competitions in visual perception by calling us directly at 833-DECERVO, or just clicking below:

  • Rick Strickland describes his teaching of hitters as “customized to the individual player.’  That’s one area where at-home training has enhanced what his hitters have been working.  Everybody is using information and doing what is best for them with it, “it’s one way we have really continued developing hitters at this time,” Strickland says. But what works for one player, won’t work for all.

“Training has to be individual and that’s where at-home training is really beneficial right now.”

  • Rick Strickland has coached hitters of all ages, including some current MLB All-Stars.  He said a key to training something is, Have them work on it without them really knowing that’s what they are working on.”That’s where uHIT is helpful, it’s designed as a video game app or console.  You can do it right there on your phone or TV. Strickland goes on to say:

“uHIT is a fun activity that is actually training something very valuable.”

  • If you are a coach or academy director looking for some way to benefit your players at this time, Strickland says you should consider the training programs available with uHIT, GameSense, Blast, etc. They are all designed to entertain and subconsciously train. Strickland says about younger hitters:

“The younger generations that we are teaching have grown up with, and really believe in, technology and its benefits.”

  • As a hitting coach, you try and get your hitters to be on time and improve their spacial alertness.

“A hitter should never be late at the plate.”

  • Visual perception apps give your hitters this opportunity while viewing quality pitches virtually.  The instant feedback data teaches them quicker than ever before. Our Coach Tracking Dashboard makes you aware of your hitters’ abilities and what they can work on.
  • You can make sure they are getting the resources they need to get where they want to go.  See everything uHIT has to offer by calling 833-DECERVO or learn from other coaches from the button below: