How Does At-Home Hitting Development Work?

uHIT CEO talks at-home hitting training with Rob Crews

Highlights from Interview on Transcending Sport Podcast

 March 28, 2020


How does at-home hitting development work for players? We are going to look at that question here in the specific case of vision training.

  • If you have never had the time to focus on vision training, but have spent countless hours in a batting cage focusing on your swing, this quote may interest you from Rob Crews:

“Being on plane with a pitch is 100% visual.”

  • So in order to hit those line drives to the back of the cage net consistently, you are going to need to train your vision just as much as your swing.  Vision training is a great at-home training program that translates to on-field success.  Vision training correlates with statistical categories such as (per BB%, K%, all plate discipline metrics and increased quality of contact.  There are a few companies specializing in pitch recognition and visual training right now including uHIT, GameSense, and WinReality all of which have their own specialties.  uHIT specializes in pitch and strike zone recognition with a neuroscience based approach (learn more here).
  • At home training and the use of the softball tech that is available today allows hitters to develop a better and factual understanding of who they are as hitters.  The uHIT intervention program is a targeted training program designed to strengthen visual strengths and improve visual weaknesses.  It develops as Rob Crews described it “the invisible mechanics of hitting”.  Visual training products from uHIT pair well with other softball tech products today such as Blast Motion sensors.  Blast is also offering a remote training program with its sensors, giving you an opportunity to combine products for a complete at-bat experience developing your vision and swing.  It won’t be quite the same as actually stepping into the batters box. But as Rob Crews says:

“uHIT is as good as it gets right now for developing the underserved areas of hitting.”

  • Why even bother with remote training?  The baseball tech industry is all about developing the individual.  There’s not a lot of teamwork involved in hitting, it’s all on you.  So you have to take control of your own development.  If you’ve ever played with or against a great player what Rob Crews says will make a lot of sense to you: “The best athletes slow the game down, they see and react to things differently.”  Visual training is how you become that and you can begin training at-home anytime.

“The best athletes slow the game down, they see and react to things differently.” 


  • It’s an unusual time for you and your athletes right now.  One commonality between the coaches we interviewed was that they just wanted to stay in contact with their players.

“Remote training is giving coaches and facilities a chance to be hands on with players right now.”

  • Many tech companies have at-home training programs right now that go well together and help you stay in contact and stay developing players.  You can view the options uHIT has for vision training baseball programs here and softball programs here.
  • Specific athletes have specific needs, especially when it comes to vision training. Rob points out:

“[Being] able to test and customize training for individual athletes is where uHIT really sets itself apart.” 

  • uHIT has worked with hitters at every level of baseball from Little League to Major League Baseball players.  Allowing players to train on their own while providing coach feedback through an online dashboard.  Many of you reading this have likely taken on-line classes of some sort and remember them being not a lot of fun, so how is remote training going to be different for players?  Directly from a facility owner that uses uHIT for remote training (Blast Motion Ambassador, Rick Strickland):  

“The uHIT app and training program is like a video game and it appeals to the younger generation.”

  • This facility owner goes on to say uHIT’s maker, deCervo, “made the program fun and kids are more likely to use it for that reason.” Click here to see what else uHIT has to offer your team or facility.