At-Home Training

uHIT interviewed multiple facility owners about at-home training.

 April 22, 2020


  • Technology is everywhere in baseball right now and is one of the most utilized resources to develop players at all levels.  SportzBarn director Kevin Johnson told us, “it is really important that players become familiar with technology development today.”  Just a few years ago, Kevin was a member of the Los Angeles Angels organization. Since then, he says, there has been a drastic increase the amount of technology used in the game.

“Technology is the reason we have at home training and contact with players right now, it’s also showing coaches who really wants to play and be a part of a program.

  • There are several at-home training programs out there right now. They all offer you ways to keep sharp during this time and during off seasons.  uHIT products combine well with motion analysis programs from K-Motion and swing training programs from Blast Motion.  uHIT is offering players a FREE ASSESSMENT at this time to get players started with the pitch recognition program and to give everyone a better understanding of our training program.
  • uHIT is not about swing mechanics, it’s about developing an approach at the plate and improving visual perception so that you improve your overall on-field performance.  You can get more info on the free assessment below.

“This is how our guys are seeing an equivalent to live pitching right now, guys are really getting better the more they train on the uHIT program.”

  • Vision training connects with all the movement training products you and your coach are already using. K-Motion and K-Vest are great products to integrate because they look at swing efficiency once you’ve committed to a pitch. Then swing analyzing products, such as Blast Motion Softball, are valuable tools to analyze the quality of the swing itself (Blast also has a great at-home training program available now).


  • Kevin Johnson may be the director of Sportz Barn in Pace, FL. But it was his wife, Courtney, who came up with the more unique implementation of uHIT for their facility: A March Madness-like tournament bracket using uHIT session scores to move on.
  • Each player would play three uHIT sessions (lasting about 2 minutes each) on the uHIT Baseball app while at home.  This gives players a way to subconsciously train while also competing with each other and having fun.

“Our uHIT March Madness tournament had great participation and was a really cool thing to do with our guys at Sportz Barn.”

– Kevin Johnson, Sportz Barn

  • uHIT is looking to expand upon the March Madness Tournament idea to allow facility teams to compete against one another.  You can compete against a facility from anywhere in the country and win prizes.  This will be a great way for uHIT to continue developing baselines for different age groups and bring the baseball world together in a fun and competitive atmosphere.
  • If you would like your facility to host a uHIT tournament, call us at 833-DECERVO or just click “DM Us” to go to our Twitter page, where you can follow us and send a DM:
  • Why should uHIT be a part of your program beyond a tournament? While many company’s are offering remote training at this time, the uHIT intervention development program offers custom training for each one of your athletes.
  • As a coach, the Coach Tracking Dashboard on uHIT allows you to track their progress.  This helps you keep the player/coach relationship intact during this time.  Many programs and technologies have yet to incorporate pitch recognition efficiently. But with uHIT, it’s all done for you.  You can have leaderboards for all your players and easily keep them a accountable with uHIT. View options for your team with uHIT and call us directly at 833-DECERVO, or just click below to learn more:

“A Sportz Barn, we are excited to be a part of the training and research going on with uHIT. It’s going to benefit our athletes.”

  • What sets uHIT apart from other tech products out there today?  The technology was not originally designed for softball or baseball use.  It was originally a product that studied the brain with the use of EEG and MRI. Using these technologies, uHIT can see how your brain reacts and makes decisions.  It’s not a program that pretends to be a quick-fix hitting solution.
  • The technology will appeal to the younger generations of athletes, while the training is centered around the invisible mechanics of hitting. uHIT helps an individual focus on his or her own visual perception.

“We’re really starting to see the lightbulb go on with some of our guys, they’re getting better scores on uHIT and they are getting better at the plate.”

  • Have more questions about uHIT? View our other blog posts from coaches using uHIT in their baseball and softball programs.  Follow our social media accounts and be on the lookout for Q&A Zoom sessions while we are all training and working from home.