At-Home Hitting

uHIT interviewed three coaches about at-home training.

 April 13, 2020


  • Softball games will one day be played again. One of the best things you can do right now is take advantage of the available developmental technologies. Many tech companies are offering at-home training programs right now. Take control right now of your development and you will see the results in the future. Coach Suzy Willemssen is  one of the top High School and Travel Ball fastpitch coaches in Virginia. She says:

“Those that are taking advantage of at home training right now are going to have a big advantage when they get back on the field.”

  • There are visual training products available from GameSense and uHIT Softball (our program is a neuroscience based pitch and strike zone recognition product).  Visual training is great for improving reaction times and getting a sense of the strike zone. Visual training is also important for understanding what pitches and areas of the zone you recognize best.  uHIT has development programs to customize your development from an initial Assessment. You can learn more about these programs for your strike zone and pitch recognition here:
  • Vision training connects with all the movement training products you and your coach are already using. K-Motion and K-Vest are great products to integrate because they look at swing efficiency once you’ve committed to a pitch. Then swing analyzing products, such as Blast Motion Softball, are valuable tools to analyze the quality of the swing itself (Blast also has a great at-home training program available now).
  • Softball tech products are being used by more and more coaches and development programs.  They help target individual needs and provide a basis for optimal development.  uHIT is one of those programs that gives valuable insight to coaches and it can be provided to you remotely. This gives you a resource to train pitch and strike recognition right from your home. That skill will then integrate into your swing when you are back on the field. You can view more info about swing integration with the uHIT Virtual Game Remote here:


  • Is there anything better than a group of players that are ACCOUNTABLE?  For many athletes remote school and remote training for their sport is all they have to be accountable for right now.  While no in-person coaching/training is far from ideal, it really can show you which of your players are most accountable.

“Remote Training really shows you which of your players are accountable.”

– Suzy Willemssen, Glory Fastpitch/Bishop O’Connell High School

  • While many company’s are offering remote training at this time, the uHIT intervention development program offers custom training for each one of your athletes. As a coach, the Coach Tracking Dashboard on uHIT allows you to track their progress.  This helps you keep the player/coach relationship intact during this time.  Many programs and technologies have yet to incorporate pitch recognition into their programs efficiently. But with uHIT it’s all done for you.  You can view uHIT options for your team to have coaches leaderboard and call us directly at 833-DECERVO, or just click below to learn more:
  • What sets uHIT apart from other tech products out there today?  The technology was not originally designed for softball/baseball use.  It was originally a product that studied the brain with the use of EEG and MRI to see when decisions are made and how your brain reacts.  The technology was originally used in music.  Suzy went on to say how appealing it was that uHIT was a product that “was designed for one purpose and then applied to something else (pitch recognition) to further the understanding of how our brains make decisions.”

“It’s appealing that uHIT technology has been scientifically proven in other areas and is now being applied to baseball/softball, you’re not being sold on a methodology.”

  • As a coach at any level, your players will develop the skills and tools that you as a coach teach best.  That’s been a difficult thing to put a number or metric on in the past to prove.  However, softball/baseball technologies often coach’s dashboards where you can view all players and track progress with them.  Set your team up with a uHIT Team account begin tracking players with our pitch recognition metrics today.

“The uHIT dashboard shows you when and how well your players are progressing, this is giving athletes and coaches a secret weapon right now.”

  • Have more questions about uHIT? View our other blog posts from coaches using uHIT in their baseball/softball programs.  Follow our social media accounts and be on the lookout for Q&A Zoom sessions while we are all training and working from home.