In-App Advertising Opportunities

Use uHIT Baseball In-App Advertising to reach players, coaches and parents who share your passion for the game. uHIT Softball In-App Advertising available with same options for players, coaches and parents passionate about fastpitch.

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uHIT Baseball In-App Advertising on Centerfield and Pop-Ups

Showcase your product like they do in stadiums around the world: On the centerfield wall! Over 100,000 users have registered accounts on uHIT Baseball and uHIT Softball. And they are looking right at the pitcher with centerfield just behind! Or get a special placement in a pop-up designed to show after an inning, or upon login. There are many opportunities to meet the dedicated players, coaches and parents of uHIT!


Branding & Linked Options To Drive Traffic from In-App Advertising

Reach the audience on uHIT Baseball and uHIT Softball. You choose how long to run your ad. Pick months of peak usage (May-August) or months of fall training (September-December). Reach the hitters and their coaches who are serious about development.

In-App Advertising That Meets Baseball Players Where They Are

Make the bus rides to games a new opportunity! Players can get familiar with your brand when on the way to games. uHIT Baseball and uHIT Softball are heavily used en route to games. Why not make it an opportunity to learn about your product!

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