Bruce Yari

Pro Baseball Player

Simulated At-Bats, training during a cancelled season,

the impact of uHIT & more.

Bruce Yari was a draft pick of the Cincinnati Reds in the 2016 MLB Draft out of the University of British Columbia.  He has spent his entire professional career in the Reds organization, reaching the High-A (Florida State League) level in 2018 and 2019. Bruce has been a part of the uHIT Baseball testing and research group for the past four years, providing uHIT with valuable insight from the perspective of a professional player.

 August 15, 2020

Part 1: Simulated At-Bats using uHIT

New uHIT baseball app.

Beta testing app version.

New 360° Hitter View feature in landscape and portrait mode.

Creating more realistic game reps.

Part 2: Training in 2020 (Cancelled MiLB Season)

Supplementing live At-Bats with virtual At-Bats.

“Simulating game like reps is where uHIT becomes valuable.” – Bruce Yari

Freedom of having uHIT on a phone. Allows for reps at your convenience.

Part 3: Simulated Vs. Real At-Bats

Simulated At-Bats to help being on time.

Real pitch data put into the training on uHIT.

“For simulated At-Bats it’s all about getting as close to real as you can get and uHIT does a good job of that.” – Bruce Yari

Part 4: How uHIT Works

Pitch Recognition & Strike Recognition Assessments – The basis for uHIT training.

Uses real data of pitches from MLB pitchers.

9-Zone strike zone breakdown.

uHIT Training customized to the individual player through A.I.

Focus on the development of the “Invisible Mechanics” of baseball.

Connecting uHIT metrics to swing metrics. The start of hitter acceleration. Measurement of how well a hitter accelerates to different parts of the strike zone.

Part 5: uHIT in Amateur Baseball

Having it on a phone allows for players to train away from the field.

College practice time is regulated, uHIT allows for additional practice time with a data driven impact.

Team iPad or TV allows for an additional hitting rotation group.

More reps for players, more complete use of limited practice time.

Game like reps without having to stage a game/scrimmage.

Part 6: Why is uHIT valuable?

Opportunity to simulate At-Bats.

Wish you had more at-bats? uHIT can provide them.

Opportunity to see competitive pitches, not just batting practice fastballs.

Become comfortable seeing higher velocity & sharper pitch break.

“uHIT allows you to train your brain to stay ready, be on time at the plate and control spatial awareness as a hitter.” – Bruce Yari

Part 7: Technologies that combine with uHIT

True Media shows different heat maps for players.

Pitch tunneling gives hitters an increased need to recognize pitch types.

Part 8: Making Adjustments with uHIT

Use uHIT to see pitches that you are struggling with.

Focus on specific pitch types. 

“uHIT helps me make adjustments at the plate quickly” – Bruce Yari

Part 9: The Impact of Pitch Recognition

Driving factor in the development of the Hit and Power tool.

“Pitch Recognition separates the in game hitters from the batting practice hitters.” – Bruce Yari

Pitch Recognition makes it easier to hit for power.

“Certain pitches limit what you can do with it as a hitter, understanding that as a hitter and understanding those situations really helps a hitter develop.”

Pitch Recognition ability and understanding At-Bat count leverages may be the best way to measure a players true talent ceiling.