uHIT Academy Interview


 AJ Andrews

Pro Softball Player


Coach Rob Crews

Softball Trainer

The visual process of hitting, neural pathways, how to read and implement uHIT data & more

AJ Andrews played college softball at LSU, where she reached the Women’s College World Series twice.  Selected in the 2nd round of the National Pro Fastpitch draft by the Chicago Bandits, she has played the past 3 seasons with the Akron Racers.  AJ was the first woman to ever win a Rawlings Gold Glove Award in 2016.

Rob Crews is the owner and founder of Complete Game.  An objective analysis training facility that uses some of the most innovative technology to train athletes. He has years of research into neuroscience, neural pathways and its application into softball and baseball.

 August 15, 2020

Part 1: Building Neural Pathways

How does the brain make quick decisions?

How your brain adapts as you improve seeing and reacting.

Integrate the knowledge into at-bats.

Part 2: Visual Process

– Early Recognition of Pitch Types & Locations

– Seeing Spin On The Ball

Part 3: How uHIT Translates to the Field

Real speeds and movement of pitches

Simulated decision making

Timing and Reaction Time 

Accuracy Measurements

How well your visual system identifies horizontal and vertical movement

Part 4: Using uHIT Metrics

uHIT Assessments

Zone Accuracies

9-zone Strike Zone Breakdown

Part 5: A.I. Intervention

Individual Player Assessment

Customized Training Program

Part 6: Impulse Control

Visual Increments

Understanding what you can do in the strike zone

Staying in your strike zone

Part 7: Difference Maker – Cognitive Skills

Making Adjustments

Identify and get to correct swing path

Learn to identify pitch types

Neural Pathways that can be changed

Part 8: Virtual Game Remote

Integrated swing assessment

Customized Training

Simulated At-Bats

Part 9: Getting Started with uHIT

How to get the app & software

uHIT Academy Webpage