Visit Us at NFCA

At Booth 135, Exhibit Hall

 December 7, 2021

Learn Directly From Coaches That Use uHIT

We will have uHIT Specialists on hand at Booth 135 in the Exhibit Hall. They will answer your questions about how uHIT helped players hit better and get on base more.

Meet uHIT Certified Coaches Who Apply uHIT To Their Hitters

Hitting Coach from Central Methodist University (D1), Gene Reardon

Coach Reardon got his uHIT Certification in Fall 2020. Just after that, his Central Methodist Softball hitters started uHIT Custom Training to improve their pitch selection. They raised their team number of players on-base and reduced their number of strikes per game using uHIT. You can learn more about those improvements from reading our forthcoming detailed post on uHIT Academy.

Reardon learned from the uHIT Certification about how uHIT is a pitch selection tool based on the brain science of how people make quick decisions. He learned this from the uHIT Certification curriculum of articles (e.g., from ESPN and the Boston Globe), as well as interviews on the uHIT Academy with professional players like AJ Andrew (>> click here to learn more from AJ Andrews’ experience with uHIT). Reardon was able to apply this knowledge to Central Methodist Softball’s fall training and then he was able to carry it into the regular season when Spring 2021 began.

Come meet Coach Reardon and learn about the uHIT Certification curriculum or working with uHIT to coach!